Meet Ann-Chi Chang


I am a city girl who fell in love with flowers. I grew up in a small city in Taiwan. My house had a small concrete backyard with few flowers. My city life continued when I moved to Los Angeles and New York when I was a teenager. I studied advertising design in college where I developed good communication and design skills. I believe a good design showcases the unique style and taste of my clients.


The first time I noticed a bond between me and flowers, I was in my late 30's. I took a floral workshop and my world changed. I remember how happy and amazed I was when I learned to arrange flowers for the first time. "The flowers are talking to me!", I said to myself. It was a real joy to experience such a connection with flowers. Since then, I took many advanced classes and workshops including my most recent class, Advance Floral Design, with the world famous McQueens School of Flowers in London.

In winter 2012, I visited Seattle and I fell in love with this city. I moved here the next year without a job or a friend. I was determined to become a floral designer and I did. I was lucky enough to work with amazingly talented designers on setting up events and weddings. I have designed countless high-end arrangements for corporations, restaurants, salons, customers, etc... I love meeting people and I believe the desire to be connected and create with nature is within each one of us. With much appreciation and hard work, Blush and Blossom Floral Design was established in 2017. My hope is to continue creating unique and beautiful floral designs for my clients and at the same time, I'd love to share the joy, the knowledge and the techniques with you. I want to show that everyone can express their creative self through the beauty of  floral design.